Creative team member at The Nerd Nest

Alright then, time to announce that I’ve been chosen to be part of The Nerd Nest’s creative team. Wait, whaaat?

Pocket Your Year 2016 Creative Team Member

During 2015 I took Megan Anderson’s class Pocket Your Year and really enjoyed it so when she announced that she was going to expand and get her own creative team at The Nerd Nest I couldn’t resist. I applied, sent some samples of what I’ve done with my PL-albums and hoped for the best.

Then I found out that my dear fiancé, George, had contacted Megan all sneaky like to find out if I had a chance to make it on to the team. After a huge tickle fight he confessed that I might have a pretty good chance. But oh the waiting!

Long story short, this is why I created all of The Ink Show accounts, in hopes of getting on the team. So far I’m only active here and on Instagram (theinkshow) but I have a few more registered accounts on other social media channels as well.

I’m so very proud and happy and excited about this and can’t wait to get started with our first assignment!


All of the team members!


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