Work space for Project Life

To be able to have physical scrapbooking as a hobby you need some sort of space to spread out. It could be the kitchen table or a closet or a room or in my case a corner of our living room. Desk, drawers, drawers and more drawers. And a shelf for the albums. I really enjoy being able to do my thing while the rest of the family is still in the same room. I can leave supplies on the desk and our 3-year-old daughter will not mess with them. She never has. Sometimes she asks for washi tape or want to see what I’m doing on the computer or borrow a marker or look at a photo. I like that she’s showing interest in my hobby and I encourage her to do so. I do realize other children might not be as careful with scrapbooking supplies as she is so I’m thankful this is working for all of us.


Anyway. Let’s talk about IKEA. Desk, drawers, containers, chair, shelves etc. are all from IKEA. Some bought 25 years ago, some bought last month. I love the little drawers on my desk (called MOPPE), unfortunately they are no longer for sale. They had them for years (over 20 years) but now they’ve moved on. Pity, because they are great. I store my embellishments in them such as stickers, alphabets, labels, color shine, washi tape, ink pads, die cuts, wood veneer, enamel dots, embossing powder and so on.


I store my Project Life cards in up-cycled booster packs from the game Magic the Gathering (George used to play a lot). The lids (cut down a little and with some gift wrapping paper to look prettier) are perfect for the 3×4 cards and the bottoms I’ve just left black and they hold the 6×4 cards. Fit great on top of the MOPPE drawers.


And of course I have some notes from Becky Higgins on display, because why not?


And since I took the photo of my desk I’ve moved the sewing machine to where the gingerbread house was (top photo) and put some containers for markers, scissors etc on the desk. And as I’m writing this I see that I have changed the stuff in the black cup to Sharpies but that’s the way it is. I move stuff around. It happens. I believe these are flower pots and candle holders. To me they are perfect for pens. Aren’t they cute?

So yeah, I have a pretty awesome work space which means I can make my spreads as the rest of the family watches a movie or play with farm animals or whatever might entertain them at the moment.  And I do make spreads. That will have to be the next topic.


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