Week 1 for 2016

In Sweden we are very bound to weeks. The number for the week is in our calendars. Everyone is always on the same week. Winter break is week 7. Fall break is week 44. Very handy. A week goes from Monday to Sunday. So for me to hear that people made up their own weeks or that a week could start on a Sunday was a bit weird at first. I understand how it can be like that but it’s nice not having to think about how I’d like to set up my album. I just follow my calendar.

Anyway, so the first three days for 2016 were in limbo (or week 53) but I made a full spread for class with those days. Week 1 (Jan 4-Jan 10) on the other hand looks like this:


I got the weekly card here and I plan on using them for the entire year. I used PL-cards from the Everyday edition.


One thing I’d like to improve is my handwriting or at least learn how to write in straight lines. Even when there are lines I tend to go all over the place. I guess that’s what they call personal touch. I’d rather be a little less personal in this case and learn to write a bit more pretty.

Anyone else out there who do weeks like I do?


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