Different album formats for Project Life


One of the things to decided on pretty early in the process is what size of album you would like to work with. Where are you going to store them? Can you fit the big 12×12 albums in your bookcase? I store mine in IKEA’s Expedit/Kallax where yes , they fit both with the hight and depth but with the albums I have I can only fit 4 big albums and one smaller when it comes to width. I’d like for them to store 4 OR 5 big ones perfectly, now it looks a little wonky.

How big is your workspace? Can you fit a big album on your table or would a smaller size be better? Do you have friends/family members who can’t carry a big album? Huge albums can be intimidating (and heavy). Do you want a wide selection of options or do you like limitations? Do you like making your own solutions or would you prefer if everything was made for you and you could just go to a store and pick the standard option?

workspaceinseptember-4As you can see, Kallax fits 4 big albums and one smaller

To be able to make these decisions it’s probably good to know what’s out there so you know your options. Here we go:

12 x 12: The standard scrapbooking size, tons of albums and almost endless varieties among the page protectors. This is the size I use most of the time.

9 x 12: A pretty new size and people seem to love it. Harder to find albums and because of the math when it comes to the page protectors there are more limited options. Great for those who still want a bigger format but can’t fit the 12×12’s in a book-case. I use the page protectors as inserts in my 12×12 albums.

10 1/2 x 9 1/4: A pre-made mini album that I’ve only seen Becky Higgins carry. The page protectors are already sewn in. No customizing with your own choices. I’ve used them for gifts; a baby album for a friend and a “This was your house” when my mom sold my childhood home with old photos of all the rooms and different memories connected to them.

Letter size (8 1/2 x 11) or A4: Depending on where you live in the world these are standard sizes for normal printer paper. I’m sure there are some pretty albums in your local bookstore but there won’t be pocket page protectors for this size, just the normal big ones. Works as inserts though, I’ve used them multiple times.

8 x 8: Popular now with the Project Life-app. Limited selection of page protectors. Haven’t tried it myself.

6 x 8: Great size for smaller projects. I use it for December Daily and Freja (my 4-year-old daughter) has her own album in this size. She can pull it out, look and work on it without my help (her baby albums are 12×12 so she needs help pulling them out). Also good for other smaller projects such as vacations, One Little Word, Book Of Me , recipes etc. Good enough selection of page protectors. I love this size, it’s just not big enough for my yearly albums.

4 x 4: I think (correct me if I’m wrong) this was originally for Instagram-photos when the were just square. To me these are way too small to do anything with but that’s a matter of style I suppose. I know someone made an album of selfies in this format and I could see if you hade a theme of your feet or coffee cup or your cat or something. Not my thing, but then again then I’m probably not the targeted scrapbooker for it.

Let me know in the comments what size you prefer and why!


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