NSD 2016

So for (Inter-)National Scrapbooking Day (May 7th), well I think the whole weekend sort of got dedicated to this awesome hobby, I joined dear Adele Toomey (aka InkieQuill) on her 12 hour live scrapstream. Since she’s in Australia the time difference was a bit tricky (she’s ten hours ahead of me here in Sweden, so she lives in the future) but I caught the last seven hours at least.

And how much did I get done you ask? Well let me tell you *drum roll* I managed to make one layout. I make about two layouts per year. This was the first one in the 8.5×11 format. Good format. Will probably do more in that size. I’m a true PL-lover and usually don’t see the point of making a layout (especially without journaling). But hey, never say never.

Anyway, Adele use the word “rad” a lot. Like, a lot. I happened to have some stickers I didn’t really know when to use since “rad” isn’t really in my vocabulary (who knows, it might start showing up) so I decided to make a layout of a screen shoot from the scrapstream. Scrapping about scrapbooking. Oh the levels this could go on.


So most of my time I was just joining in to chat and comment on the streaming part. I definitely am more efficient when I scrap “alone” without distractions. Can’t watch a movie/YouTube. Sometimes I can listen to a podcast but not while I need to journal. Multitasking is not my thing.

Did you make anything for NSD?