Scrapbooking storage with Raskog

For three years I’ve been saying “Who needs a stupid little cart like that, you can’t even pull out the shelves, I don’t see the point, I’m never getting one of those”.

And then IKEA decided to discontinue the turquoise and gray ones, they were on sale, I went on a rant and George said “You say that every time we pass them, you obviously want one, just get one”. I fought back with “No I don’t, they’re stupid”.  Aaaaand… I got one. And I like it. A lot.

My rule is to not overload it with supplies. I don’t want to move anything to get to something else (because I’m lazy like that) so I don’t cram everything I own on to it. Easy access is the key here. I prefer pretty storage. I know plastic is super cheap and does the same job but I prefer metal, porcelain and wood and that is exactly what I got for this cart.


The wooden boxes are from IKEA, they’re called Dragan (you find them in the bathroom section). They come in a 2-pack, a smaller and a bigger box and they both have lids. I use the lids as little trays instead. I use a flower pot (also IKEA) for scissors and such. Square porcelain plate is from IKEA (for candles I believe). Porcelain bowls (four small white ones and a big with a black pattern) are from Lagerhaus.

I only have things I actually use on here with a couple of things (as in not more than two) I would like to use more and therefor get reminded every time I look at the cart. If I haven’t used something in a while, let’s say a month, it gets replaced with something else. Tough life for the scrapbooking supplies. They’ll deal.

If you have a Råskog (yes, that is how you spell it in Swedish) how do you organize it?