Photo trouble with page protectors

I tend to sort of plan my spreads on post it notes. Not exactly where each photo will end up but at least how many 6×4 and 3×4 photos I will end up with. 99% of the time I use Design A of the Becky Higgins page protectors for the convenience.

Last time I ordered a batch of photos I ended up winging it a bit and…well…that didn’t turn out great. Here is how I solved the problem with different orientations of the 6×4 photos.

Do you plan in advance or do you solve the problem later on in the process?

December Daily 2015 video

It’s November and that means people in the scrapbooking world are going crazy over their December Daily projects. Ali Edwards explains what it is on her website. I refuse to prepare before my birthday (mid-November) but I’m willing to share a flip trough of my album from last year.

I will use a 6×8 album this year as well, great size for this project. Are you doing December Daily? What size are you using?