Week in the life 2017 – Monday

As so many other scrapbookers I am tagging along with Ali Edward’s project this week.  For more information check out her website here.

9:25 AM – This week started with a holiday (Monday after Easter is always a holiday here in Sweden) so George didn’t have to go to work. We pulled out a bigger selection than usual for breakfast and were in no rush to get the day started.


10:20 AM – Freja is not a fan of getting water in her eyes during bath time. As in there will be a fight. So last week I bought swim goggles to see if that could help our on-going struggle and today was the premier. They didn’t make it worst at least.


10:21 AM – One of us always hangs around the bathtub, just in case. Safety first, right? And yes, we probably have the tiniest bathroom in the world.


10:40 AM – So yeah. Still hanging around in the bathroom. After feeling embarrassed by our old soap dispenser for…years…I finally got a new one. IKEA $6. Should have done that a long time ago.


10:41 AM – did I mention our daughter is 4.5 years old..?


11:17 AM – Snack time. Apples without the peel in a white bowl. That is standard.


12:36 PM – If there’s something that will drive me crazy it’s stuff getting stuck underneath my socks. I just can’t. I’m not a neat-freak by any means (see photo of our living-room floor above) but I will get motivated to vacuum if I step on crumbs or pebbles.


2:49 AM – George is a Pokémon addict. We live in an area where we have a pretty good variety of the little digital animals but there are areas where there are even more and today was a good day for steel types.


3:25 PM – Unfortunately it was pretty windy and cold so Freja and I decided to camp out in the car after a loop and have snacks (dried mango, salty crackers and more apples) while waiting for George to collect some more.


3:52 PM – Back home again.


4:26 PM – George usually gets up at 5 AM in the morning and is not really in the mood to make himself breakfast. Sometimes I make him breakfast muffins with sweet potatoes and carrots and today Freja made sure I was doing it correctly.


4:31 PM – George was working on something secret. Turned out it was one of those cute message boards where it says “I love you because…” and you fill in the rest with a dry-eraser marker.


6:30 PM – After dinner the muffins had cooled down enough to be put away.


6:55 PM – Got to do some last coloring before it’s time for toothbrush and story time.


8:47 PM – Child is sleeping, George out Pokémon hunting and I watch a couple of YouTube videos of various kinds.


And that’s a wrap for Monday ♥

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