Week in the life 2017 – Tuesday

7:45 AM – I’m not a morning person. She’s not a morning person. Enjoying the rare morning kisses (and just look at that little hand on my cheek ♥


7:57 AM – Being a mom doesn’t mean you get alone time in the bathroom.


8:07 AM – Tuesday meant back to work for George, back to daycare for Freja and back to my occasional substitute job for me (I jump in at an other daycare when needed if I don’t have mandatory university stuff going on). The hunt for breakfast begins.


8:26 AM – Freja is a “I want the same for breakfast every day” kind of person. Right now it is a sandwich with creamy peanut butter. I like more of a variety but settled for sandwiches this morning as well.


8:42 AM – Every Tuesday Freja’s group go out for a field trip in the woods and they bring a little snack. Apples without the peel and a water bottle it is. I pack it in her little yellow backpack in a rush as we’re running late.


10:49 AM – Working at a daycare means no photos of the children. My feet however are not off limits and today it was so cold I had to wear an extra pair of pants.


1:17 PM – Break time after lunch means snuggles under a blanket.


4:53 PM – On my way home from work (we did actually get a couple of snowflakes in the afternoon. Not cool April weather!


5:31 PM – Coming home, George had already started dinner (oven baked salmon and mashed potatoes) and he and Freja were having some sort of tickle fight going on.


6:28 PM – Mount Laundry needed to be folded.


6:44 PM – Freja and I took care of it while George went for a quick nap.


7:14 PM – Some Lego time before bedtime. We read to Freja every other night (tonight was George’s turn). Always two books each night. On my nights it’s Swedish books and on George’s nights it’s English books. Having a bilingual child is pretty cool!


9:54 PM – I told George about The 100 day project a couple of weeks ago. I’m working on a quiet book and he decided to join in with an art project for a role playing game. He’s keeping up a lot better than I am.


And that’s a wrap for Tuesday ♥

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