Week in the life 2017 – Wednesday

07:00 AM – For the last 12 years I’ve suffered from head aches and migraines. I’ve eaten a lot of pain killers, changed my diet, tried different workouts and tracked when they occur. Nothing really helps in the long run. My go-to-fix recently is yoga and coffee. Anyone who knows me know coffee is not really my thing but hey, whatever works. Lots of milk (more than half) and I’m ashamed to admit how much sugar I put in there but (I’m afraid to say it out loud) it works! This morning I watched a live Instagram story before Freja even woke up.


07:14 AM – Seriously April, could you be a bit more generous with the temperature?!
(28 Fahrenheit)


07:25 AM – Both of us were up earlier than we needed so we had time to read a couple of books before we had to get dressed.


07:36 AM – Shower time for me.


08:45 AM – Hair and make-up done, that does not happen every day.


08:46 AM – Some last minute play before it’s time to get dressed…


09:01 AM – …and take the little balance bike to daycare.


09:20 AM – Picking up a package on my way home.


09:24 AM – Turned out to be two packages! The big one was outdoor clothes for Freja and the little one a big spool of gray and white bakers twine I ordered off of Ebay ages ago.


1:15 PM – Study, study, study, study, study… I’m studying to become a high school teacher, should graduate in January 2018. Working on a big paper with a partner for ten weeks at the moment.


3:58 PM – Wednesday means gymnastics for Freja! Last year we went to one locally and it was embarrassingly bad. I signed up for an other class across town out on an island (we have friends who live there and go to the same gymnastics) and it is absolutely the best! (Totally worth being on the waiting list for a year). It does take an hour to drive there though but the ferry ride today was beautiful!


3:59 PM – Road trip means backpack full of snacks. Salty crackers, apples (without the peel), dried mango, water bottles, bananas, smoothie, fruit bar and sandwiches.


4:01 PM – And you don’t need to wear your shoes.


4:56 PM – Working on the obstacle coarse. Today we had a breakthrough! I’ve suspected that Freja is afraid of heights. Up until today she has not been happy at all about jumping down from anything, but today was the first time ever in her life she jumped without me nagging/lifting/dragging/fighting. She was so proud! I was (if possible) even prouder! Love progress! Love when she levels up! Love seeing her mastering things!


5:40 PM – Sandwich time on the ferry back home.


5:42 PM – Rush hour has slowed down at this point.


6:24 PM – We managed to get home exactly at the same time as George (who worked overtime).


6:55 PM – Since Wednesdays are kind of late dinner days we decided to make scrambled eggs, bacon and peas. Freja eats her peas frozen.


7:16 PM – Making silly jokes and sounds.


7:53 PM – The animals had to go to sleep.


7:55 PM – George’s turn to read again. Tonight it was a Star wars book and Wacky Wednesday. Freja got upset about the fact that we have a lot of books in Swedish but not as many in English. George fell asleep after reading (happens pretty often) while I inventoried our bookshelf and then ordered five new English books. Looking forward to their arrival!


10:26 PM – Some more studying for me.


And that’s a wrap for Wednesday ♥


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