Week in the life 2017 – Friday

07:53 AM – This day did not start as I would have hoped. Remember I said I have a lot of head aches? This was one of those mornings. Not a migraine but still unpleasant enough for me to be on edge. The little hobbit and I were not on good terms before breakfast.


07:54 AM – I should know by now to just make breakfast as soon as possible. Unclear if I’ll ever learn. (If you look closely you’ll notice a pice of art on the table among some dirty dishes from yesterday).


09:01 AM – All ready to go to daycare.


09:25 AM – Switched to more comfortable pants and attempted studying. Head was just not on my side today.


11:27 AM – Why does it feel like I’m multitasking if I turn on the dishwasher and then go do something else (in this case studying)?


11:43 AM – Benefit to studying from home; I can eat lunch in front of the computer (again, multitasking) and spend the lunch break doing yoga instead. Go away head ache.


2:58 PM – Giving up for this week, wrapping up to go and pick up Freja.


4:00 PM – That piece of artwork on the kitchen table. Yeah. It’s too big to put in a scrapbook so I took a picture of it instead.


5:36 PM – Friday means Friday night movie. Tonight it was Cars. The yellow ones are Curious George. We have 23 of them (yes, seriously) plus two more in the closet that I am saving for a sick day (there will always be a new sick day with a 4-year-old).


7:54 PM – George turn to read tonight (the library books I picked up yesterday were a hit). I got a card from my best friend who lives about 6 hours away from me. George fell asleep after a long work week.


11:48 PM – Found an old time computer game online and time disappeared.


And that’s a wrap for Friday ♥

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