Week in the life 2017 – Saturday

We started the weekend by getting upset with each other in the first five minutes being awake. All because of a popsicle. We turned human after breakfast. No one needs a photo of that.

10:24 AM – On our way to Freja’s first dance class. The sun was out but it was windy and freezing cold.


11:37 AM – Dance class did not go so well. We had trouble finding our way into the building and arrived about 2 seconds before class started, meaning we had no time to prepare or look around. There were tears. Freja spent more time outside of the classroom than in (parents aren’t allowed in the classroom) but she did learn two moves. Freja is not a fan of not knowing how to do something. She is also not a fan of trying. If she can’t do it immediately she thinks it’s garbage and walks away from it. She does not want to go back next week. I told the teacher we would be back for sure.


12:10 PM – Went for the weekly grocery shopping run but realized we were all hungry (duh, it was lunch time) and stopped for some hot dogs. George managed to spill Pepsi on all three of us and on the floor. Everyone got sticky. Freja surprised us by eating her first warm hot dog with the skin on for the first time in her life. She always wants them cold and without the skin (even if it doesn’t have skin, we have to remove “it”. Before I had a kid I always said “I’m going to teach my kid to eat everything because I was a picky child and it wasn’t great for anyone”. Yeah. I’m now one of those moms who will peel my child’s skinless hotdog and serve it cold just so she eats it. I can hear your eyes rolling at this point).


1:01 PM – We (meaning I) always do the self scanner thing in the grocery store where you blip and pack your groceries as you go through the store. Is that a thing in America? Anyway, by the time you hit the cash register you just put your scanner in the holder, swipe your card, pay and you’re good to go and you don’t even have to talk to anyone working there. We were all good until I realized that we hadn’t scanned the three items Freja had in her tiny little kid cart. Sooooo George had to go and stand in line to pay for them separately because I had already swiped my card. This day man!


1:24 PM – Finally home and putting the groceries away and trying to come up with a more filling second lunch. George left to go play a board game with a friend at the library.


1:59 PM – Had to rinse Pepsi out of Freja’s hair. Goggles are still a hit.


2:13 PM – Rediscovering her stuffed cats.


2:56 PM – Searching for an old computer game in our basement storage. We live in a small apartment with only one bedroom. It wouldn’t be possible if it wasn’t for our two storages in the same building. One in the attic and one in the basement. George keeps them somewhat organized. I did not however find what I was looking for.


4:30 PM – I picked up these shoes for Freja at the grocery store earlier today to get her motivated for next week’s dance class. She can also wear them at gymnastics. It did the trick, she wore them all afternoon and evening and is now willing to go back to dance class. (“I’m never going to bribe my child”. Ha. Ha. Ha. Yeah I used to say that as well)


4:35 PM – Moving all of the English storybooks to a new location (where it is easier for Freja to reach them) our bookshelf looks a little…unbalanced..? Guess it means more room for more new Swedish books.


4:37 PM – Helping Freja with some emergency flashlight surgery.


6:00 PM – George is back home and we end up by the kitchen table.



8:36 PM – I read to Freja and came out of the bedroom starving. I don’t know what happened to our ability to deal with hunger today, but I need real food NOW.


8:43 PM – Oven baked salmon with pesto, quinoa and a bunch of veggies. Yum! I suggest watching a movie since it’s been forever since we did that together.


9:23 PM – Now I remember why it’s been forever. Freja is waking up every ten minutes coughing. Great. We were germ free for…a week?


10:21 PM – Pacific rim. Giant aliens. Giant robots. We’ve seen it before. It has plot holes. We still enjoyed it.


And that’s a wrap for Saturday ♥

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