Title page for Week in the life

Not losing steam when it comes to the WITL project. Last week was the photo taking and journal writing part. Now moving on to putting the album together. My first problem is – I don’t have an album. I have page protectors though. Sooo yeah… Need to visit my local scrapbooking store within the near future.

Anyway, I decided to use a photo I didn’t show in Monday’s post, basically because it was vertical and I had other photos from the Pok√©mon hunt. It does however really fit with the theme of the week and all three of us are actually in it even if it’s just hands and feet.


The first font is an old one from Ali Edwards herself, I’m not sure if it’s available anymore. The second one is Courier New. Edited in Lightroom 5 and PhotoScape. Printed at home (Canon Pixma MG7751) on Canon Photo Paper Plus Glossy II A4 (PP-201) in 6×8 format.

I did not intend to make a white boarder. The photo is 6×8, the page protector however is slightly bigger and rather than having the photo floating around in there I cut it with a white boarder to make it fit better.

Well. Local scrapbooking store for an album pronto!