Title page for Week in the life

Not losing steam when it comes to the WITL project. Last week was the photo taking and journal writing part. Now moving on to putting the album together. My first problem is – I don’t have an album. I have page protectors though. Sooo yeah… Need to visit my local scrapbooking store within the near future.

Anyway, I decided to use a photo I didn’t show in Monday’s post, basically because it was vertical and I had other photos from the Pokémon hunt. It does however really fit with the theme of the week and all three of us are actually in it even if it’s just hands and feet.


The first font is an old one from Ali Edwards herself, I’m not sure if it’s available anymore. The second one is Courier New. Edited in Lightroom 5 and PhotoScape. Printed at home (Canon Pixma MG7751) on Canon Photo Paper Plus Glossy II A4 (PP-201) in 6×8 format.

I did not intend to make a white boarder. The photo is 6×8, the page protector however is slightly bigger and rather than having the photo floating around in there I cut it with a white boarder to make it fit better.

Well. Local scrapbooking store for an album pronto!

Week in the life 2017 – Thursday

07:33 AM – One of those mornings when you’re not just ready. Just a few more minutes.


07:39 AM – Our kitchen window is a mix of fruit, veggies, herbs and plants. Right now it’s in need of an update.


07:42 AM – Hunting for breakfast.


08:56 AM – I like that we live within walking distance of Freja’s daycare and that she enjoys her little balance bike. Last week she got a bigger one with pedals but we’re still working on a few things before she can take that on her own.


09:01 AM – She’s not the only one taking her bike there.


10:25 AM – I had a meeting with my writing partner and then we had a meeting with our mentor and it is all a disaster but we’ll make it through…somehow… After the meeting we had som disappointing lunch and visited two libraries hunting for books for the essay.


2:02 PM – We do live close enough downtown I could have walked home but trying to be as efficient with time before pick up at daycare I decided to take the tram.


4:13 PM – Snack time. You know the drill by now. I also bought movie tickets for Freja, myself and my mom for Sunday because the movie theater had a half off deal for all children’s movies. Freja had a breakdown over life, I fixed it with dinner.


7:49 PM – Our hallway is not equipped for Freja being able to hang up her own clothes. Sometimes that leads to “Just put it on the floor, I’ll deal with it later”. Today was definitely “later”.


7:50 PM – I need to remind myself that I do actually love how much Freja enjoys arts and crafts. This evening she had a blast cutting and gluing and taping and writing and making. I do love it. I do.


8:51 PM – Post-reading-to-Freja. Editing photos for this blog post.


10:43 PM – George worked overtime again and went out for Pokémon right after work which meant he was home super late. Somehow the best conversations always start right as we have to get to bed. Why is that?


And that’s a wrap for Thursday ♥

Week in the life 2017 – Tuesday

7:45 AM – I’m not a morning person. She’s not a morning person. Enjoying the rare morning kisses (and just look at that little hand on my cheek ♥


7:57 AM – Being a mom doesn’t mean you get alone time in the bathroom.


8:07 AM – Tuesday meant back to work for George, back to daycare for Freja and back to my occasional substitute job for me (I jump in at an other daycare when needed if I don’t have mandatory university stuff going on). The hunt for breakfast begins.


8:26 AM – Freja is a “I want the same for breakfast every day” kind of person. Right now it is a sandwich with creamy peanut butter. I like more of a variety but settled for sandwiches this morning as well.


8:42 AM – Every Tuesday Freja’s group go out for a field trip in the woods and they bring a little snack. Apples without the peel and a water bottle it is. I pack it in her little yellow backpack in a rush as we’re running late.


10:49 AM – Working at a daycare means no photos of the children. My feet however are not off limits and today it was so cold I had to wear an extra pair of pants.


1:17 PM – Break time after lunch means snuggles under a blanket.


4:53 PM – On my way home from work (we did actually get a couple of snowflakes in the afternoon. Not cool April weather!


5:31 PM – Coming home, George had already started dinner (oven baked salmon and mashed potatoes) and he and Freja were having some sort of tickle fight going on.


6:28 PM – Mount Laundry needed to be folded.


6:44 PM – Freja and I took care of it while George went for a quick nap.


7:14 PM – Some Lego time before bedtime. We read to Freja every other night (tonight was George’s turn). Always two books each night. On my nights it’s Swedish books and on George’s nights it’s English books. Having a bilingual child is pretty cool!


9:54 PM – I told George about The 100 day project a couple of weeks ago. I’m working on a quiet book and he decided to join in with an art project for a role playing game. He’s keeping up a lot better than I am.


And that’s a wrap for Tuesday ♥

Week in the life 2017 – Monday

As so many other scrapbookers I am tagging along with Ali Edward’s project this week.  For more information check out her website here.

9:25 AM – This week started with a holiday (Monday after Easter is always a holiday here in Sweden) so George didn’t have to go to work. We pulled out a bigger selection than usual for breakfast and were in no rush to get the day started.


10:20 AM – Freja is not a fan of getting water in her eyes during bath time. As in there will be a fight. So last week I bought swim goggles to see if that could help our on-going struggle and today was the premier. They didn’t make it worst at least.


10:21 AM – One of us always hangs around the bathtub, just in case. Safety first, right? And yes, we probably have the tiniest bathroom in the world.


10:40 AM – So yeah. Still hanging around in the bathroom. After feeling embarrassed by our old soap dispenser for…years…I finally got a new one. IKEA $6. Should have done that a long time ago.


10:41 AM – did I mention our daughter is 4.5 years old..?


11:17 AM – Snack time. Apples without the peel in a white bowl. That is standard.


12:36 PM – If there’s something that will drive me crazy it’s stuff getting stuck underneath my socks. I just can’t. I’m not a neat-freak by any means (see photo of our living-room floor above) but I will get motivated to vacuum if I step on crumbs or pebbles.


2:49 AM – George is a Pokémon addict. We live in an area where we have a pretty good variety of the little digital animals but there are areas where there are even more and today was a good day for steel types.


3:25 PM – Unfortunately it was pretty windy and cold so Freja and I decided to camp out in the car after a loop and have snacks (dried mango, salty crackers and more apples) while waiting for George to collect some more.


3:52 PM – Back home again.


4:26 PM – George usually gets up at 5 AM in the morning and is not really in the mood to make himself breakfast. Sometimes I make him breakfast muffins with sweet potatoes and carrots and today Freja made sure I was doing it correctly.


4:31 PM – George was working on something secret. Turned out it was one of those cute message boards where it says “I love you because…” and you fill in the rest with a dry-eraser marker.


6:30 PM – After dinner the muffins had cooled down enough to be put away.


6:55 PM – Got to do some last coloring before it’s time for toothbrush and story time.


8:47 PM – Child is sleeping, George out Pokémon hunting and I watch a couple of YouTube videos of various kinds.


And that’s a wrap for Monday ♥