Week in the life 2017 – Sunday

Alright then, last day for this project.

06:53 AM – I set my alarm, thought I hit snooze and woke up twenty minutes before my ride was coming to pick me up. Amazing how efficient one can be when there’s not a child involved.


07:08 AM – I managed to make coffee and breakfast, get dressed, dig out my running shoes from the storage and be on time!


07:58 AM – My mom and I were going on our annual road trip to what I suppose is Sweden’s equivalent to Walmart. Except there is only one store. And it’s not Walmart. But same type of people and same kind of stuff. I was just tagging along as company, wasn’t planning on buying much. Ha!


08:29 AM – People seriously stay at hotels/camp/bring their RVs/take bus tours here from all over. The store has a national TV-show. They expand every year. There’s three cafés, a restaurant, hair dressers and more in the store. People go nuts for “cheap”. Yes, you can find good deals. You can also find a bunch of…not so quality like stuff. Lots of walking, hence the running shoes.


10:20 AM – Anyway. It’s so clever having a café in the middle of the store (just like IKEA). Shrimp sandwich and a chocolate pastry for both of us. Keeps everyone happy and costumers will most likely buy even more stuff. We also happened to stumble across a gift card for $60 each we could use during check out. Yes thank you.


12:23 PM – Remember I said I wasn’t planning on buying much. Did I honestly believe in that myself?! Oh Anna, you’re such a fool. Giant Playmobil set for $17 is too good to pass on.


1:20 PM – Time disappeared and we ended up being in a rush on our way home.


2:03 PM – It was time for a movie visit. Freja’s second. The movie theater had a half-off thing going on this day so everyone in town were going. Met up with George and Freja in a rush because George’s movie started 40 minutes earlier than ours.


2:42 PM – I had bought our tickets in advance (you buy your designated seat here and I need to be in the back so I don’t get motion sick and throw up. Yeah, I’m weak like that. Don’t bring me to a 3D movie, I will not appreciate it).


2:52 PM – Mom, Freja and I saw a cute stop-animation movie with woodland creatures called Klas Klättermus. George went by himself to see Lego Batman. He didn’t realize he had picked the Swedish version but he’s now lived here for almost eight years so he did ok.


4:30 PM – On our way home. Sunny weather, ice cold wind.


6:18 PM – Arts and crafts. Then Freja got a fever and she and I went to bed early.


And that’s a wrap for Sunday, our week and this project ♥

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