Game plan for 2017

  • I will continue to do weekly spreads in 12×12 format.
  • I will continue to subscribe to Ali Edwards’ story stamp set.
  • I will make sure I finish my December Daily album for 2016.
  • I will finish my 2016 albums.
  • I will update Freja’s album
  • I will make an effort towards spring regarding my YouTube channel
  • I will no longer be on the Pocket Your Year creative team due to stupid school.
  • I will not buy any page protectors for this year. I have plenty. As in plenty.


What is your plan for 2017?

Photo trouble with page protectors

I tend to sort of plan my spreads on post it notes. Not exactly where each photo will end up but at least how many 6×4 and 3×4 photos I will end up with. 99% of the time I use Design A of the Becky Higgins page protectors for the convenience.

Last time I ordered a batch of photos I ended up winging it a bit and…well…that didn’t turn out great. Here is how I solved the problem with different orientations of the 6×4 photos.

Do you plan in advance or do you solve the problem later on in the process?

December Daily 2015 video

It’s November and that means people in the scrapbooking world are going crazy over their December Daily projects. Ali Edwards explains what it is on her website. I refuse to prepare before my birthday (mid-November) but I’m willing to share a flip trough of my album from last year.

I will use a 6×8 album this year as well, great size for this project. Are you doing December Daily? What size are you using?

Memory keepers tag

There has been a scrapbooking tag going around on YouTube and not that I got tagged (because, hello, I just started my channel when I saw the tag) but I thought it was a good opportunity to introduce myself and get the YouTube thing going (seems to be the thing nowadays).


Use your 12×12 papers

In the classroom for Pocket Your Year (where I’m a creative team member) there is a challenge a day for a month going on right now. I hope you’re tagging along. Megan (the creator of PYY) is doing all of the challenges and team members do a couple of the assignments to give more variety to the subject. Well, we CAN do them all if we want to, but we’re not required to do so. As much as I love pocket scrapbooking I’m not sure if I’m up for 30 days in a row of top notch creative stuff.

Anyway, here’s my take on the assignment for using 12×12 paper instead of pre-made cards (they are so handy though).


The right side is about highlights from the week, our daughter trying out stamps in her own Project Life album, I bought tickets to the Harry Potter studio tour outside of London for our trip later this summer, an unexpected successful dinner with a dear high school friend (she’s also my boss) and how my dear future husband forgot about Mother’s day and then totally made up for it. The left side is from an event with my awsome sister-in-law.

pyyaug23-3And the MEME with Alan Rickman is pure gold.

pyyaug23-2Stamps are all from Ali Edwards

And then of coarse there’s som Heidi shine!

Scrapbooking storage with Raskog

For three years I’ve been saying “Who needs a stupid little cart like that, you can’t even pull out the shelves, I don’t see the point, I’m never getting one of those”.

And then IKEA decided to discontinue the turquoise and gray ones, they were on sale, I went on a rant and George said “You say that every time we pass them, you obviously want one, just get one”. I fought back with “No I don’t, they’re stupid”.  Aaaaand… I got one. And I like it. A lot.

My rule is to not overload it with supplies. I don’t want to move anything to get to something else (because I’m lazy like that) so I don’t cram everything I own on to it. Easy access is the key here. I prefer pretty storage. I know plastic is super cheap and does the same job but I prefer metal, porcelain and wood and that is exactly what I got for this cart.


The wooden boxes are from IKEA, they’re called Dragan (you find them in the bathroom section). They come in a 2-pack, a smaller and a bigger box and they both have lids. I use the lids as little trays instead. I use a flower pot (also IKEA) for scissors and such. Square porcelain plate is from IKEA (for candles I believe). Porcelain bowls (four small white ones and a big with a black pattern) are from Lagerhaus.

I only have things I actually use on here with a couple of things (as in not more than two) I would like to use more and therefor get reminded every time I look at the cart. If I haven’t used something in a while, let’s say a month, it gets replaced with something else. Tough life for the scrapbooking supplies. They’ll deal.

If you have a Råskog (yes, that is how you spell it in Swedish) how do you organize it?

NSD 2016

So for (Inter-)National Scrapbooking Day (May 7th), well I think the whole weekend sort of got dedicated to this awesome hobby, I joined dear Adele Toomey (aka InkieQuill) on her 12 hour live scrapstream. Since she’s in Australia the time difference was a bit tricky (she’s ten hours ahead of me here in Sweden, so she lives in the future) but I caught the last seven hours at least.

And how much did I get done you ask? Well let me tell you *drum roll* I managed to make one layout. I make about two layouts per year. This was the first one in the 8.5×11 format. Good format. Will probably do more in that size. I’m a true PL-lover and usually don’t see the point of making a layout (especially without journaling). But hey, never say never.

Anyway, Adele use the word “rad” a lot. Like, a lot. I happened to have some stickers I didn’t really know when to use since “rad” isn’t really in my vocabulary (who knows, it might start showing up) so I decided to make a layout of a screen shoot from the scrapstream. Scrapping about scrapbooking. Oh the levels this could go on.


So most of my time I was just joining in to chat and comment on the streaming part. I definitely am more efficient when I scrap “alone” without distractions. Can’t watch a movie/YouTube. Sometimes I can listen to a podcast but not while I need to journal. Multitasking is not my thing.

Did you make anything for NSD?